Hateful But Once Again – Story gets interesting.

Choi Yon Hee & Lee Min Soo

The above picture is Park Ye Jin as Choi Yon Hee (News Achorwoman) and the below is Jung Gyu Won as Lee Min Soo ( Rich Playboy).

These scenes were parts of Hateful but Once Again Episode 4.

Choi Yon Hee’s reputation as an Anchorwoman has been crushed by her photos with the Congressman who already has a wife.

I think that the center of the story is located in Episode 4 because in this episode, Lee Min Soo’s mother revealed why she kept patronizing at Choi Yon Hee.

The reason is that she wanted her to be his son’s wife.


Because of Choi Yon Hee’s strong personality.

The mother wanted Choi Yon Hee to bow down to her so that she can control Yon Hee.

Lee Min Soo’s mother believe that she can lead her son in a good way.

This is the mother.

The Mother

Aside from the younger lover, Lee Min Soo’s mom also has her own story.

She was married to a man who has a lover.

The Father and his Lover

The above picture is the Lee Min Soo’s current father and below is the father’s lover from a long time ago plus both have a daughter.


Wow, i think that the next episodes will be interesting because i want to see how the mother forced the Anchorwoman to be with her Son.

Here are pictures that i find amusing.

Lee Min Soo was driving Choi Yon Hee home and surprised that the anchorwoman has a brother. ( i think)


For those of you who wants to jump to episode 4, click here.

Hope you all enjoy it!

credit to Hateful But Once Again @ MySoju.


the pictures by me.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

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  3. ashtoh
    Mar 24, 2009 @ 13:32:23

    yah it’s Feb 2009 i think…
    still airing…got 24 episodes..
    it is worth watching..take it as a new challenge..
    the plot is little different like others romance drama..
    Ye JIn character in here is so strong…she portrays a Strong-will woman…
    the genre probably romance…
    plus some intense argument…
    enjoy ^^


  4. ZN
    Mar 24, 2009 @ 13:24:01

    is this drama new? is it worth watching? I’m curious cause I love yejin and I wanted to see her acting 🙂 what’s the genre of this drama?


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