YeJin of Family Outing might leave the show.

Park Ye Jin in Queen Seon Duk.

Rumour has it that YeJin might leave Family Outing after filming with the latest epidose’s guest, Choo Seung Hoon.

Previously, it was reported that YeJin might leave due to her hectic schedules of daily filming Queen Seon Duk (debuted today, 25 the May) and her upcoming new movie.

She had used to the hectic shcedules when filming KBSTV Hateful But Once Again‘ with Family Outing at the same time.

However, the latest news is that BOF, YeJin’s agency, and SBS has worked on solving the problem.

So, nothing is being confirmed whether YeJin is leaving Family Outing.

In the mean time, let’s enjoy the time the family get together ^^.

Here a picture of the family with new member Choo Seung Hoon (right in the middle) who is a famous athlete in Judo.

He is half Korean and half Japanese which raises conflict (discrimination) in his early career as a professional athlete in Judo.

(19/5/2009) Family Outing with Choo Sung Hoon.

Click here for more of his amazing life’s story.

credit to coolsmurf @allkpop, joseyero


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  1. ywghd
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 00:56:17

    k way to fail, Choo sung hoon is FULL BLOODED korean just born in japan, he is NOT half korean half japanese


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