[Video] ‘Secret Angel’ – Behind The Scenes.

Here is one of the behind-the-scene clip from ‘Secret Angel‘ filming.

At the beginning, the cameraman was asking Chen Xiang (Chen) of the scene he will be filming next and he replied ‘a suicide scene’. He then went on to show (funnily) how he is going to do it. Later on, someone gave him a biscuit as he was very hungry.

Chen was holding the camera and was shooting Girl’s Day’s Yura (Yura), and he asked her who is prettier of them both, herself or Kim So Eun (Eunnie), and she replied that both of them are pretty. Chen persisted her on choosing one, she did not answer and he went on picking Yura. Yura showed her happiness by wiggling both of her hands.

(Left: Chen Xiang and Right: Jang Woo Hyuk)

Chen asked Yura again of who is handsomer, him or Jang Woo Hyuk  (picture above), Yura replied ‘Chen’. But Chen did not believe her so she swore with her hand on her chest. ThenYura hold on to the camera and asked Chen instead whether the director of the drama is handsome. Chen answered jokingly that the director is not handsome and she went one saying that Chen is jealous.

Now the shot is on our Eunnie (she was lying on the grass, preparing for her scene). Chen asked if she is okay and she said no and she tried to shoo Chen off. Instead Chen zoom the camera to her face and said that she has such a baby-face but then he changed his words to calling her ‘big-face’, Eunnie looked dissatisfied and she shooed him once again. Chen quickly praised her as pretty and you can see a smile on her face as she admitted herself.

Then we can see the three of them in one frame, Yura, Chen and Eunnie. The girls were talking about their next scene in Korean and Chen was clueless of what they were talking about. At first, he said he did not understand but then he said he knew what they were talking (bluffing). Eunnie demanded him to try explaining what they were saying. Yura then continued with a statement in Korean that Chen is a stupid but this time he understood. He hit her slightly as Yura and Eunnie laughed over the joke. He quickly added ‘You are stupid’ to Yura (jokingly).

The next scene Chen mentioned that he likes ‘dukbokki’ (Korean delicacy) and Eunnie offered to cook one for him. Suddenly, they were talking about something else as Chen accused Eunnie of baiting him to something. Eunnie tried to make a promise with him but he refused. Eunnie then tried to kidnap him. She, jokingly, said her goodbye to everyone and Chen was screaming for help.

Then we moved on the real scene from the drama where we can see that Chen’s character was trying to commit suicide as Yura and So Eun’s characters tried to stop him. Stay tune for the episode!


[Di awal video, Chen Xiang (Chen), aktor utama ‘Secret Angel‘, sedang ditanyai juru kamera tentang adegan yang akan dia syuting sebentar lagi. Chen menjawab dia akan menyuting adegan ‘ mencoba bunuh diri’. Kemudian, adegan seterusnya Chen diberi satu paket biskuit karena dia lapar.]

[Chen sekarang yang memegang kamera dan mengfilm Girl’s Day’s Yura (Yura). Dia menanyai Yura siapa yang paling cantik diantara Yura dan Kim So Eun (Eunnie). Yura menjawab dua-duanya cantik tetapi Chen bersikeras kepada Yura untuk memilih satu. Chen tiba-tiba menjawab bahwa Yuralah yang cantik and Yura tidak bisa menahan kegembiraanya.]

(Kiri: Chen Xiang; Kanan: Jang Woo Hyuk)

[Yura ditanyai siapa yang paling tampan dia antara Chen dan Jang Woo Hyuk (gambar diatas), dan Yura menjawab Chenlah yang paling tampan tetapi Chen tidak mempercayainya. Yura menyakinkan Chen bahwa dia mengatakan yang sejujurnya. Yura terus mengambil alih kameranya dan menanyai Chen, apakah direktur (drama ini) tampan? Dan Chen menjawab dengan senda-gurau ‘Tidak’, kemudian Yura menjawab bahwa Chen cemburu akan direkturnya.]

[Kemudian ke adegan dimana Chen mengfilm Eunnie. Chen menanyai Eunnie apakah dia baik-baik aja. Eunnie menjawab tidak baik dan mengusir Chen (mungkin Eunnie sedang siap-sedia untuk memasuki karakternya). Chen malah meng-zoom ke muka Eunnie dan memuji Eunnie sebagai ‘baby-faced’ tetapi kemudian mengubah menjadi ‘big-face’ (muka besar), Eunnie mencoba mengusir Chen sekali lagi. Chen langsung memuji betapa cantiknya Eunnie dan Eunnie tersenyum mendegar pujian Chen.]

[Yura, Chen dan Eunnie kemudian terlihat berdiri bersamaan. Kedua cewek itu berbicara dalam bahasa Korea tetapi Chen tidak mengerti. Chen kemudian mengubah pernyataannya bahwa dia tahu apa yang mereka bicarakan. Eunnie terus meminta Chen menjelaskan apa yang mereka bicarakan tadi. Yura kemudian mengambil kesempatan memanggil Chen ‘bodoh’ dalam bahasa Korea tetapi kali ini Chen mengerti akan perkataan itu. Chen terus memanggil Yura ‘bodoh’ kembali.]

[Chen kemudian mengujarkan bahwa dia ingin memakan ‘dukbokki’ (santapan khas Korea) dan Eunnie dengan cepat berkata bahwa dia bersedia membuatkannya untuk Chen.]

[Tiba-tiba Chen menuduh Eunnie telah mengumpan dia tentang sesuatu. Eunnie terus memaksa Chen untuk berjanji tentang sesuatu tetapi Chen menolak. Eunnie bercanda mencoba menculik Chen sementara Chen menjerit meminta tolong.]

[Seterusanya kembali ke adegan dramanya dimana karakter Chen mencoba membunuh diri tetapi dicegah oleh Yura dan Eunnie. Mari kita menunggu adegan ini di episodenya!]

credit yunn524@youtube, Sohu’s Secret Angel and ashtoh.


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  1. Cheonsa Edelweis
    May 11, 2012 @ 06:29:05

    sesuatu mereka semua………….
    Yura sma Soeun???
    cantikan Soeun donk~~~~

    kasihan banget Chen,di bilang bodoh sama Yura xixixixixi….
    bentar lagi the end nie drama,
    *bakal rindu*


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