Seo In Young & Solbi Transformation.

Seo In Young Transformation

Can you see the difference?

Seo In Young did some touch up to her nose again.

The right photos was taken on 23rd April at the launching of Levi’s Bodywear.

More on InYoung transformation here.

As it happened to Solbi (the ex contestant on We Got Married) too, way back on the her time MCing in Music Core.

Solbi Transformation

More on Solbi transformation here.


Personally, i prefer In Young’s pointy nose before the transformation, it got the ‘Seo In Youngish’.

The same with Solbi too. I really wonder why they did it.

It seems that they demand more than perfection.

Anyway, it is just my opinion. I’m sure they have their own too.

credit to freyja and samlet@ allkpop.


Lee Chun Hee in MBC’s Top 20 Brainiest Korean Celebrities.

The Top 20 brainiest Kpop celebrities sourced from today’s episode of MBC Section TV. 

From bottom to the top (the number at the end is the IQ rate for each person):

20.” it wasn’t easy pushing Kang Ho Dong off of the MC pedestal” Yoo Jae Suk-114

19. ”it takes brains and a strong stomach to write a song titled, ‘cute love’ “ Solbi-136

18. “i’m not just a pretty face” Kang Dong Won-137

17. “i promise it is just an act” Jung Joon Ha– 140

16. “i’m not just a pretty face x 100″ Jang Dong Gun-140

15. ”dancing at my level is a cerebral sport” U-know Yunho-142

13. “just because i talk slowly…” Hwayobi-143

11. ”i could have been fixing teeth but wouldn’t you rather hear me sing?” Kim Jung Hoon (UN)-146

10. ”yes, every girl in korea hates me…” Ms. Seoul University Kim Tae Hee-148

8. “i like to wash vegetables with soap” Lee Chun Hee-148

Lee Chun Hee from Family Outing.

7. “darn, i was hoping to pull off the sexy rebel concept” Chun Jung Myung-150

6. ”what, you thought it was easy to be me?” JYP (Park Jin Young)-153

5. ”i make conquering both jpop and kpop look oh so easy” Yoonha-158

3. ”i’m related to a former s. korean president” Eun Ji Won-160

1. ”most likely to take over the world (or maybe just our worlds)” Tablo -170 


Wah…congrats to Lee Chun Hee, he gets to be in the top 20.^^

I was amazed by Tablo too.

His IQ is 170…amazing.

thanks and credit to asianfanatics, seoulbeats, MBC, Wikipedia & DramaWiki.

We Got Married- Original Couples

We Got Married is a show where 4 couples were chosen to stayed in a house
and they are going to be recorded each day they spent together once a week.
Actually, this show was only shown as 1 show.
As there are 4 couples, given a sum of money to buy groceries and cook it together.
At the end, they got to say their feeling in the interview room.
Each of the confession has not been heard by the other party.

Couple 1: Andy and Solbi

In my opinion, this couple has the most compatible rate.
Andy who is very shy and talk less at the beginning,
turn out to be talkative and open minded at the end,
in other world, after marrying Solbi.
Solbi who doesn’t know how to cook and take care of other people
turned out to be a good cook and take good care of Andy.
She became closed with Andy.
They have spent days together and now they have to depart.
Yes, AnSol couple (nickname) has departed from the show.(Epi 28)
It was a Heartbreaking scene which i recommend all of you to watch.
Wishes for this couple, to have wealth and health,
and hopefully be friends forever. ^^

Couple 2: Hyundong and Saori.

This couple is very interesting at first.
Then, everything just went wrong with Hyun Dong attitude to Saori.
They have a rocky life together and
end up departing with the last picnic together.

Couple 3: Alex and Shinae

The couple that i adored the most.
It was always romantic scene together with Alex.
Washing Shinae legs, kissing on her forehead…..
In the middle of the show, Alex has departed once, to pursue his Solo album.
Living behind Shinae who waited for him to come back.
They met again at Epi 7.
Now, they have more chemistry to each other and
looking forward for their improvement. ^^

Couple 4: Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jung

Lee Hwi Jae is one of the MC and after AlShin couple went off.
They replaced them.
It was quite a short period with each other.
But they have a very memorable ending.

Couple 5: Crown J and Seo In Young

This couple was a breakthrough.
At the beginning of the show, they quarrelled the most.
Having the most, intense moment together. (quite scary)
But they have their sweet moment together.
They managed to stay until now.

Couple 6: Hwangbo and HyunJoong (The Lettuce couple)

The most sportive couple.
This couple age gap was 8 years.
At first, HJ did not talk much, HB was always the one who lead him.
Feels like only HB who responsive on the show.
Then, after the 100 days together.
HJ suddenly become more mature.
Able to step ahead of HB and lead her.
It was great to watch this couple to go this far.
Love it.

Now, the show has added 2 out of 3 more new couples.
Keep tracking for the show.

Credit : Soompi , pics to: google