[Updated] Kim Bum spotted in Green Car.

Hello again! It has been awhile since I updated on Kim Bum. So here is the news 🙂

Kim Bum attended the Hyundai Veloster opening show with fellow actor, Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste, Boys Before Flower) on the 10th of March, 2011 in Seoul, South Korea. It is reported that Kim Bum will be the team leader of the Team Green Apple, one of the 9 Veloster 2011 Models presented, while Min Ho will be leading the Team Blue Ocean.

As you can see from the pictures above and below, there is indeed a green-colored car at the background of each photos. He is seen to be in the middle of filming the campaign and is accompanied by two MCs. We will soon get to see the video when it’s out.


[Indonesian] Pada tanggal 10 Maret 2011 lalu, Kim Bum menghadiri peluncuran mobil dari Hyundai Veloster disertai oleh teman aktornya, Lee Min Ho di Seoul, Korea Utara. Dalam suatu laporan, Kim Bum telah dipilih untuk memimpin Tim Green Apple (Apel Hijau) dari 9 Model Veloster 2011. Sedangkan, Min Ho akan memimpin Tim Blue Ocean (Laut Biru).

Dapat anda saksikan dari gambar-gambar dibawah ini, memang terbukti adanya mobil berwarna hijau disetiap foto-foto tersebut. Kim Bum tampak sedang menyuting video untuk acara ini dan didampingi oleh 2 pembawa acara.

Check out these candid photos of his below! Saksikan dibawah ini!



Seo In Young & Solbi Transformation.

Seo In Young Transformation

Can you see the difference?

Seo In Young did some touch up to her nose again.

The right photos was taken on 23rd April at the launching of Levi’s Bodywear.

More on InYoung transformation here.

As it happened to Solbi (the ex contestant on We Got Married) too, way back on the her time MCing in Music Core.

Solbi Transformation

More on Solbi transformation here.


Personally, i prefer In Young’s pointy nose before the transformation, it got the ‘Seo In Youngish’.

The same with Solbi too. I really wonder why they did it.

It seems that they demand more than perfection.

Anyway, it is just my opinion. I’m sure they have their own too.

credit to freyja and samlet@ allkpop.

WGM-Seo In Young Radio Message to Crown J.

I found a video of Seo In Young, when she was leaving messages for hubby, Crown J in a radio show.

It has been a while since i watched Ant Couple. Missing them too.

If you want to hear the radio, check out the video below.

It is worth listening. ^^


Thanks to ckcjms so much to provide this wonderful videos with translation too.

We can see that how SIY really appreciate her hubby having to live with her for a long time. ^^

Ant Couple forever!!!

credit to ckcjms@youtube.

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