Kim Bum England Travel Trailer.

Have you seen the trailer to Kim Bum England travel? If not, here is the video.

Enjoy and no envying the Free Hugs! 😛

[Indo] Apakah kalian sudah melihat video Kim Bum jalan-jalan ke England? Kalau belum, silakan menonton video di bawah ini. Selamat menonton dan juga tahankan perasaan cemburu kalian pada orang-orang yang mendapat ‘Free Hugs’ darinya. ^^

credit: bumcorp.


Kim Bum ‘Bathroom’ Obsession.

Well, i think it is not his obsession.

I think the one who took the bath room photograph is their photographer.

And also it is a women rather than Bummie himself. How do i know, see below.

Hope that they released more of Bummie’s photos.

If you have not seen enough of him in the bathroom, check it out here and here.


More on Kim Bum London Pictures.

I discovered more unseen pictures of Kim Bum in London.

Bummie was holding the ‘Free Hug’ sign which is common in Western country and probably Eastern now.

He was giving free hugs…oh man, i wanted to be there, hugging him too. Lucky people over there 🙂

Lastly, here are videos of his journey in London, England.

In Chiswick, London.

In Camberwell, London.

credit: It Travel, KB Baidu and meoluvdenmi

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