Family Outing- Lee Chun Hee & Park Ye Jin Farewell (youtube).

For those of you who have not watched the last episodes of Chun Hee and Ye Jin.

Here you are

Episode 52 Part 1

Episode 53 Part 2

For the rest of the parts check out the youtube channel (just double click the youtube window here).

thanks and credit to knesshi.


YeJin and ChunHee said ‘Goodbye’.

Family Outing aired in 28th of June.

The inevitable last episode of YeJin and ChunHee in Family Outing has arrived.

This episode is aired on the 28th of June.


Park Shi Yeon Makes Her Way into the Family.

Park Shi Yeon in Family Outing.

After ChunHee and YeJin leaving the show, the new member Park Shi Yeon and Park Hae Jin were to replaced them.

More shots in here…

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