Kim Bum Dancing to Kara’s ‘Butt Dance’.

Kim Bum in Infinity Challenge.

Remember the previous post on Kim Bum appeared in Infinity Challenge on the 31st of October, now it came with the full episode but sadly with no sub.

I will patiently be waiting for it! 🙂

But for now, let’s check how Bummie did on the show.

Kim Bum in Infinity Challenge.

Bummie was the first to arrive, followed by Kara, Epik High and lastly MinWoo (I guess).

[But do check out Bum’s dancing on Kara’s Mister, the famous ‘butt dance’, he is just so cute @ 8:48.]

[Well, the previous video I attached, did not work anymore. So I attached parts of the episode below. Hope you guys enjoy it!] ^^

And also, when Yoo Jae Suk, one of the lead hosts, asked Bummie who he likes or who gave him the first good impression among the girls, guess who he mentioned?

It’s Kara’s Go Hara. Lucky girls, get to meet the Flower Boy.

And also, i think this is the first time Bummie meet up with Group Idols.

More caps under the cut.



Kim Bum Becomes A Farmer?

Who's that?

Who’s that?

Yes, it’s Kim Bum.

Not exactly a farmer but he was in Infinity Challenge “Rice Farming Special” episode which will be broad casted next Saturday.

You could also check out other celebrities that attended the show, Kara and Epik High. The special show is a project for charity.

Kim Bum had been busy doing charity and environmental program lately. He is a caring actor after all. By the way, he is in London for the program right now.

Stay tune for the episode. In the mean time, here is a preview of it.

credit: meoluvdenmi.

source: ghostwriter@allkpop.

Comment from ashtoh:

Oh…i never knew Kim Bum was invited to Infinity Challenge. It’s great, all are my favorites celebs.

Bummie is in London right now. So those of you who is in London, enjoy your hunting!

Lee Chun Hee in Kara’s Idol Show.

I just found out that Lee Chun Hee appeared in MBC Idol Show Season 4 – KARA.

It was aired in 16th April 2009 when he was still in Family Outing.

He was interested to be guest in the show after watching DaeSung episode the week before.

He had so much fun with the girls. I bet you enjoy too!

Part 1.

Check out the rest of the videos inside.


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