[Updated]Super Junior in a Magic Show.

I just browsed around allkpop and i found this article on Sung Min’s Magic.

Sung Min and his beautiful assistant

Yeah, it is Sung Min (Super Junior) on Star King.

[Updated]He was performing  a magic trick with his beautiful assistant (and i quote not only beautiful but sexy too )

Actually, the Pretty girls is the Magician, Kim Jan Di and she was using SungMin as her assistant (sorry for the wrong information).

Check amazing videos:(the video was uploaded at 28 of March 2009)

by tstb90


All the boys were standing up while watching Sung Min performed the pretty magician performed with Sung Min.

At first i thought it is Sung Min performance but after watching the whole show, it was the girl who is the magician.

Two thumbs up for Sung Min, i was amazed too.

He was so full of confidence that i thought it was his performance., and so did his assistant.

All the boys were then lined up to be the Magician‘s assistant.

For the rest of the show, check out below (for The Pretty Magician part is on Part 4).

by sok663

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

credit to poopiness@allkpop, tstb90&sok663@youtube