[Updated]Jang Ja Yun’s Case Culprit Has Been Caught.

Jang Ja Yun

Jang Ja Yun can finally smile (at least for her family, friends and fans) and rest in peace.

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Another Progress on Jang Ja Yun’s case.

Jang Ja Yun

Another progress on Jang Ja Yun‘s case.

On the 26th of March, MBC released a recording of phone calls made by Jang Ja Yun to her good friend.

In the conversation, Jang Ja Yun said that her boss, Kim, wanted to kill her.

But, the police said that the meaning of the ‘kill’ mentioned by her boss is to kill off Jang  Ja Yun‘s career.


Hopefully, in the end, everything will be reveal.

Bad guys put in justice and sweated for it.

 =.= (sighed)

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Jang Ja Yun’s Case Progress.


How is Jang Ja Yun‘s case developed so far?

An officer, named Lee Myung Gyun, had reported that there will be interogation given to the suspects who forced Jang Ja Yun to this state.

“We are planning to subpoena those who allegedly exploited the late actress at nine spots in the Gangnam area. But if we fail to prove the exploitation charges, we will only be able to question them as references by visiting them”, Lee said.


He also reported that order has been given to three presidents of major local newspaper for interogation. These three was among four people who sued by Jang Ja Yun‘s brother. The fourth person is Kim Sung Hoon, the head of Jang Ja Yun‘s former agency, The Contents Entertainment.

Kim Sung Hoon has currently fled to Japan and the Foreign Ministry has demanded upon his passport.

The officer also included that they have interogated five reporters which two of them are from Korea Broadcasting Service (sued for defamation by Jang Ja Yun’s brother and Yoo Jang Ho, the head of Jang Ja Yun‘s company that she worked for before her death).

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source: jongangdaily

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