Kim Bum Won New Star Award 2009.

Hi, I’m back! It’s a new year with a new resolution. I wish everyone in good health and all the best!

I know it has been last year news but it is just a few days before. As you all know, Kim Bum won New Star Award for ‘Dream’ at SBS Drama Awards 2009 with other fellow actors including ‘You’re Beautiful’ casts.

I am so amazed with YB drama, totally mesmerizing.

Kim Bum tied a little of his hair on the ceremony, he looked handsome!

Here is a video of it, if you haven’t seen it.

Notes: watch out how playful Geun Suk while handing the awards to Yong Hwa!!!

credit to pshjjang.

Here is Bummie’s speeches and in Morning Show..

credit: meoluvdenmi@YT

This is a little extra for those who loves YB.



Check out You’re Beautiful Blog.

For those of you who are really into “You’re Beautiful” (like me), you might want to check this blog out.

This blog is everything about the drama, in and out.

The actors activities outside filming, getting fan book project which is amazing and also their latest trip to Japan for their last filming.

Tempting right? Here is the link.

You’re Beautiful Blog.

Enjoy! Coz i do 🙂

Kim So Eun – Maxim Coffee CF.

Kim So Eun

Yaiy! At last, Eunnie is back!

Here is the latest Maxim coffee CF featuring Jang Geun Suk.

credit: bloomflowers123.

Comment from ashtoh:

I think the story line is quite good and cute.

But still, if it’s Kim Bum, it’s would be DAEBAK!!! 😛

Thanks bloomflowers123 for the subbed.

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