Lee Chun Hee in MBC’s Top 20 Brainiest Korean Celebrities.

The Top 20 brainiest Kpop celebrities sourced from today’s episode of MBC Section TV. 

From bottom to the top (the number at the end is the IQ rate for each person):

20.” it wasn’t easy pushing Kang Ho Dong off of the MC pedestal” Yoo Jae Suk-114

19. ”it takes brains and a strong stomach to write a song titled, ‘cute love’ “ Solbi-136

18. “i’m not just a pretty face” Kang Dong Won-137

17. “i promise it is just an act” Jung Joon Ha– 140

16. “i’m not just a pretty face x 100″ Jang Dong Gun-140

15. ”dancing at my level is a cerebral sport” U-know Yunho-142

13. “just because i talk slowly…” Hwayobi-143

11. ”i could have been fixing teeth but wouldn’t you rather hear me sing?” Kim Jung Hoon (UN)-146

10. ”yes, every girl in korea hates me…” Ms. Seoul University Kim Tae Hee-148

8. “i like to wash vegetables with soap” Lee Chun Hee-148

Lee Chun Hee from Family Outing.

7. “darn, i was hoping to pull off the sexy rebel concept” Chun Jung Myung-150

6. ”what, you thought it was easy to be me?” JYP (Park Jin Young)-153

5. ”i make conquering both jpop and kpop look oh so easy” Yoonha-158

3. ”i’m related to a former s. korean president” Eun Ji Won-160

1. ”most likely to take over the world (or maybe just our worlds)” Tablo -170 


Wah…congrats to Lee Chun Hee, he gets to be in the top 20.^^

I was amazed by Tablo too.

His IQ is 170…amazing.

thanks and credit to asianfanatics, seoulbeats, MBC, Wikipedia & DramaWiki.


Star Wedding Epi 40 – HwanYobi & MarBi couples

the snowman

This is the snowman made by Marco.

He was so nice to make a snowman for their last present in 2008.

Marco so sweet.

Here is the video:

The winnie the pooh story

This is the last part of Episode 40, where HwanYobi couple just finished their dancing in the sauna.

Hwanhee told Yobi to sleep early and in the room, Yobi found Winnie the Pooh and friends.

Hwanhee then told that he asked PD to search Yobi’s homepage.

Then, he checked out that Yobi wanted to meet Winnie the Pooh.

And thought that why wouldn’t he meet her and pooh together.

It was so sweet of him. He did changed a lot. He complimented Yobi’s cooking.

However, it was not exactly like that. We got to check out their 2009 shows.

Here is the video:

Thanks Sassouki04 for uploading and Muish for subbing.

credit to Sassouki04@youtube, Muish , MBC Star wedding

(10/12/2008) We Got Married – Wedding Photoshoot.


HwanYobi couple Wedding Photoshoot.

2 % couple

The 2 % couple Wedding Photoshoot.

WGM Ep 37 part 7

video by sassouki04

sub by Muish

WGM Ep 37 part 8

video by sassouki04

sub by Muish

WGM Ep 37 part 9

video by sassouki04

sub by Muish

WGM Ep 37 part 10

video by sassouki04

sub by Muish

WGM Ep 37 part 11

video by sassouki04

sub by Muish


I used  to be a big fan of  WE GOT MARRIED show.

I like the old couples but of coz still enjoy the new one.

Just like any other couple wedding photoshoot in We Got Married.

This one, we cannot miss it too.

it was so much fun…

too bad cannot see Dambi kissing Marco…maybe the next episode

just got to share this…

can’t take it with me only….

for those who haven’t watch, should watch.

for those who have watched, would probably watched again. ^^

credit: Sassouki04, Muish, MBC.kr

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