What do We Got Married & Boys Before Flower Have in Common?

We Got Married and Boys Before Flower

I have just made a huge discovery!



Hwang Bo Compassion 2009.

Catch Hwang Bo in US at Compassion 2009

by shigellavirus0713

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thanks and credit to shigellavirus.

To US – HwangBo, Seo In Young, Kim Hyun Joong

Hwangbo @ airport

Hwangbo @ airport

credit cheepy100 from soompi for the pictures.

The pictures was posted by SK Telecom personnel at Incheon International Airport.

Hwangbo is indeed going abroad to US.

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Why is it when Korean artists like to go to US…

Like Seo In Young too, she went to New York.

seo in young

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They like to spent time in America.

Kim Hyun Joong too planned to go to US to study English.

kim hyun joong

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I wonder why they like to go to US so much.

They can come to Australia instead hehe.

Here, there are many Korean too.

Hopefully, they come to Australia, so i can meet them ^^.

esp in Sydney.

credit and thanks to Popseoul, Shigellavirus & K-popped.

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