SoEul Mates Voted The Most Matching Star Couple.

So Eul Mates

Guess what?

Our So Eul Mates couple (Kim Bum & Kim So Eun) were voted ‘The Most Matching Star Couple’ according to the overseas audience survey made by Arirang TV ‘Showbiz Extra’.

This survey was made to celebrate the show 1000 episodes on the 22nd of July.

Countries such as Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam are among the countries being surveyed (more than 60 countries) and more than 3000 audiences are targeted.

The second and third place go to Rain Song Hye Gyo couple in ‘Full House‘ and Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun couple in ‘Boys Before Flower’ respectively.

And also, Kim Bum was voted the fourth place after Hero JaeJoong (DBSK), Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong as ‘The Most Wanted Star To Go On Date With’.


I knew it So Eul Mates gonna win it.

SoEulMates Jjang~~~


source: isplus & mydaily


Call Me by Tae Goon

Here is a clip by Tae Goon newest song ‘Call Me’ subbed by Wondersmurf

Featuring Park Si Yeon and Jae Joong

Yes, it’s TVXQ Hero Jae Joong.

Notes: JJ looked so cool in it.

Plus, i have to admit that Tae Goon dance ‘call me’ very up beat.

i think this dance will be a hit.

enjoy ^^

thanks and credit to Wondersmurf