Young Kim So Eun Various CFs.

Kim So Eun CFs.

Kim So Eun had just filmed a CF recently and now i’m presenting her old CFs.

Here are some CFs Kim So Eun endorsed when she was young.

She had a short hair back then. Never knew she suits that hairstyle too. 🙂


Kim So Eun for Del Monte CF (15’s).

credit:  insomniaticIS@youtube &

For Cookie CF (30’s) in 2005.

credit: qanh93.

For Hyundai CF.

credit: qanh93 and baidu.

In Hyundai CF, So Eun appeared start from 0:45 – 1:03 , 1:09 – 1:33, 2:11 – 2:29, 5:48 – 6:13.

Thanks heaps to lollipop95 and insomniaticIS at for sharing the videos. Join up for Kim So Eun fans.

Comments from ashtoh:

I never knew So Eun had so much charm from young.

She is already a queen CF before she was in BBF.

Hope to see more of her CFs soon.

Hwaiting Eunnie!


Kim Bum – RC Cola CF is Out.

Kim Bum and Maya

Do you still remember Kim Bum went to the Philippines to shoot a CF with Maja Salvador?

And as promised, here is the CF.


credit: wandergirlPH.

Comment from ashtoh:

When i first saw the video, i thought it is just like another ordinary love story CF.

I got to admit that Maja is a really pretty girl. In a glance, she looked like a korean.

Like what bumsso said, i’m so glad nothing happened at the end. I can’t imagine if it does end with what i think it will end.

Haha…anyway, Kim Bum is so adorable!

Lee Chun Hee Singing Lee Hyo Ri’s 10 Minutes.

Lee Chun Hee

Wondering what Lee Chun Hee did in the Sauna room?


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