The History of Boys Before Flowers.

Boys Before Flowers

The hit Korean TV drama Boys Before Flowers is back!

Haha…not really, read below for the actual happening.

Remember of my post about BBF broadcasted only one episode that week, click here if you don’t know, because Goo Hye Sun (Geum Jan Di) was involved in a car accident, the show is being replaced with an episode that broadcasted the summaries, not good (NG) scenes, the setting that took place in the filming to the viewers.

Guess what? I found the videos and of course with english subtitles too. For those of you who are curious about the show, check below.

Enjoy your watching!

To watch the rest of the episode, click more. 🙂



Soeulmates BTS in Boys Before Flower.


Some videos of Soeulmates behind the scenes (BTS) that you don’t want to miss out! 😛

First of all, Kim Bum behind the scenes in Boys Before Flower.

He is so playful in front of camera. Now, we get to see the playful side of him.

credit: ParkXueHui.


Remember these scenes? I’m sure you remember.

Here are Soeulmates BTS where Kim Bum was trying to put scraf on So Eun.

He was so nervous putting it on. So cute!

Another BTS of Soeulmates.

credit: insomniaticIS.

Comment from ashtoh:

I can’t stop watching the scene where Bummie was so nervous putting scarf on Eunnie.

Really a cute scene i would say. You can sense the awkwardness of romantic scenes :p

Will post more of BBF behind the scenes. Stay Tune!

SoEulMates Caricature by Lunar Sea.

SoEulMates Caricature.

It is very cute, isn’t it? Of course, it does.

I found a stack of Soeulmates‘ caricature made by a chinese fans – Lunar Sea.

Thanks to this fans, we get to see the cute and adorable Soeulmates cartooned.

I try to put in chronological order of what happened in BBF. Pardon me if i do get it mixed up.

There are some caricatures that are not exactly happened in the drama but like what we all hope, is to see Soeulmates have a happy ending!

Enjoy the ride!

Boys Before Flower Caricature..

The Boys Before Flowers Casts.

More delicious caricatures here.


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