WonderGirls, Coolsmurf, WonderShinki & Seoulbeats.

News 1.


I just found out that Coolsmurf has another website especially for Wonder Girls.

Here check it out.



News 2.


And also, Coolsmurf is back with his newest news on the project of Lee Min Ho’s birthday Project.

Should check out his site, if you wanna join.


[Updated] News 3.


Just found a cool website for Wonder Girls’ fans and DBSK’s fans.

Here is the linkย or WonderShinki.

[Updated] It seems that this blog has been deleted by the author.

I am not sure of the reason but we are missing one active blogger on Korean News ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

All the best to WonderShinki.


News 4.


Another cool website.



Hope you guys are kept updated.

thanks to these cool websites.


Coolsmurf ‘Leaving’

Actually, this is already a long time news but still i want to update my page with it.

Coolsmurf is going to join Allkpop. He is not really leaving just join another webpage.

Wish all the best to Coolsmurf. Hwaiting!!!

coolsmurf page

Coolsmurf’s page

credit to Coolsmurf