Ello – Masih Ada.

Masih Ada by Ello

by elloidealis

Here is the lyrics:

Hari-hariku lewati hanya sendiri tanpa kekasih
Tapi tetap ku nikmakti indahnya hari tanpa tambatan hati

Aku ingin menjadi setitik awan kecil dinadi
Bersama mentari
Walaupun kusendiri tapi aku masih ada
Masih ada cinta dihati

Kadang aku merindukan
Merindukan sentuhan
Sentuhan wanita

Ingin ku curahkan semua
Semua hasrat dijiwa
Yang t’lah lama ku pendam

Back to Reff:

Hari-hariku lewati hanya sendiri tanpa kekasih
Walaupun kusendiri tapi ku masih bisa bahagia


This is another Indonesian’s singer which i like ( i mean his songs).

For those who does not know Ello.

Name: Marcello Tahitoe aka Ello

DOB: 20 February 1983

His parents are musicians.

His debut single is his father’s song “Pergi Untuk Kembali”

by kendedesmajapahit

Yes, i know most of you guys had probably heard this song.

I just feel like sharing it.

Coz i like this song so much.

Being single is great.

thanks and credit to:

Lyric: Lyric.web.id

Profile : KapanLagi.com

Video: elloidealis, kendedesmajapahit @ youtube.


Shun Oguri or Kevin Aprilio?

Kevin Aprilio & Shun Oguri

The second posts. Do you think they looked alike? Maybe a little.

It’s for you to judge.

Kevin Aprilio is the son of a talented Indonesian Conductor, Addie MS. He also good in playing piano and violin.

check his performance over here:

He is playing Final Fantasy’s song in his father concert.

by MissTaGoo

by msantaka

In a commercial with whole family. He was playing the violin.

at 0:11 & 0:25

by elbasembada

If you understand Indonesian, Check this out:

by firebat2000

Check out Shun Oguri profile:

Shun Oguri profile.

Notes: They looked alike a little, maybe. But i got to admit Kevin Aprilio is very talented in playing the piano. Check out those videos.

Thanks for browsing my page.

credit Kevin Julio photo , Shun Oguri photo , The Jakarta Post, Youtubers

JJ Lin or Fendy Chow?

JJ Lin & Fendy Chow

Do you think that they both looked a like?

One is from Singapore, the other is from Indonesia.

Check out their profile here.

JJ Lin

Fendy Chow

credit Fendi Chow photo , JJ Lin photo

Wikipedia, Indoganteng.blogspot

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