Shall We Watch Meteor Shower Again?

Chinese Boys Before Flower: Meteor Shower

Earlier this year, we are introduced to Korean Hana Yori Dango/ Meteor Garden which is Boys Before Flower and it really hit the nations with the handsome casts and the exciting story line.

Following the popularity of Korean version, a version of Chinese Meteor Garden was in production and it had attracted people’s attention.

The Chinese version, Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower, had received both negative and positive responses from the viewers. Some says after watching a few episodes, the drama is actually interesting.

Of course, the Chinese version did changed the plot from the original story.

[Updated] Watched the first episode. The story is totally different from the original but still using the 4 guys and 1 girl plot.

The new fresh plot is refreshing afterall. I kind of attracted to the lead actor character, Xiao Hai or Yun Hai here but i am still Kim Bum’s fans.

Remember to click more for the first episode of the drama.



(12/1/2009) Voices.

I am watching a Japanese dorama now called Voices, which is recommended by my sister.

It turned out to be a very interesting dorama.

Here is the poster of the dorama.

VOICE From left Hanei Akira (Sato Tomohito), Kubiaki ‘Aki’ Kanako (Ishihara Satomi), Kaji Daiki (Eita), Ishimatsu Ryosuke (Ikuta Toma) and Kirihata Teppei (Endo Yuya)

It tells about 5 medical students who were brought together in a  Forensic Medical Course.

More of Voice’s details in here…

Rubina Ali on Adoption?

Rubina Ali & Dad

Rubina Ali‘s dad had denied that he put little Rubina on adoption.

Well, i can’t believe it at first.

Here is the news (directly quote).

More on Rubina Ali’s news here…

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