(22/3/2009)We Got Married Ep 49- TaeYeon & HyungDon.

We Got Married Episode 49 – TaeYeon & HyungDon cut Part 1.

The part where SNSD in Thailand having concert.

Part 2

Part 3


I love this part best for TY & HD couple.

He really did very well in supporting his sister in law and wife ^^.

All also, get to see DBSK, SuJu, Shinee and also SNSD.

He is so lucky.

And also like it, when the SNSD‘s gals leaving message to HD.

Love this episode.

Thanks and credit to shoshisubs2 and

Translator: atma
Editor: Tsuna
Timesr: minjoo, &patty
Spot Translator: cathode
Encoder: sekshi

Thanks to these people that we can watch this episode.

Looking forward to watch the next one.^^