SBS Dream’s Athletic Men.

SBS Dream

Here are the newest news of Kim Bum drama Dream.



Kim Bum’s Dream Ready in July.

Dream's casts

Kim Bum’s new drama SBS ‘Dream‘ will be ready to broadcast in July (previously plan to broadcast in September) replacing SBS ‘Ja Mung Gyu‘ after a poor rating on the historical drama.

More inside for the news…

Kim Bum’s New Drama ‘Dream’.

Kim Bum in New Drama 'Dream'

Kim Bum will be filming a new drama soon, Dream, from SBS with Ji Jin Mo and Son Dam Bi (non other than the Son Dam Bi who collaborate with F3 in recent Haptic Mission).

Kim Bum will be playing a bad tough guy who turned good and learned mixed martial arts.

Ji Jin Mo will be playing a sport agent who guide Kim Bum to the top.

While Son Dam Bi will be playing the daughter of the mixed martial arts academy director.

Marco (paired up as make believe couple with Son Dam Bi in WGM) is said to be joining ‘Dream’ too.

The filming will start soon and predict to broadcast in September after ‘Ja Myung Go’ (gosh this drama is way long).

Son Dam Bi and Marco


Please don’t tell me Kim Bum’s character will fall in love with Son Dam Bi’s character.

I am against it (no offense though).

Just feel like Kim Bum and Dam Bi is a no no.

[Updated] Just read popseoul and seems like Dam Bi will become Kim Bum’s love interest.

Omo, i can’t handle this (exageratting).

Is this a romantic genre drama or more to action and revenge?

Looks like Marco is joining the production too.

Will he be DamBi’s love interest instead of Kim Bum? Not sure.

Hopefully, it will be like what i imagined.

credit to ghostwriter & coolsmurf @ allkpop and popseoul.


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