WGM Kang In & Lee Yoon Ji couple – Epi 49 & 50.

WGM Kang In & Lee Yoon Ji couple.

Episode 40 – Part 1.

Episode 50 – Part 1.

by pluie1rst


If you wanna watch the rest of the episode 50, should check out here.

Must check out the last part of this KangJi couple videos, coz there is a part of JunJin and Lee Si Young couple wrestling.

Lolz..it was so funny. This is the first time i see such beautiful woman wrestling.

Well, i thought she was supposed to be feminine (assumption made bcoz of  her appearance) but then she got her own style.

Her own way to dealing things. Cool pairing.

Happy watching.

thanks and credit to pluie1rst @ youtube, MySoju.com & MBC We Got Married.


WGM – Episode 47 Couples Competition.

We Got Married Episode 47


by hwanyobiwgmfan , subbed by Juliana/ ga_yeonx3

Competition continued (15/3/2009)

by vinchenzo79

thanks and credit to hwanyobiwgmfan & vinchenzo79 @ youtube.

WGM -KangJi couple Episode 43-46.

I found KangJi’s couple from We Got Married in Youtube.

Episode 43 Part 1

Episode 44 Part 1

Episode 45 Part 1

Episode 46 Part 1


For the rest of the part, check out on each pages of the episodes.

Happy Watching.!!!

thanks and credit to akinaz89 & FalcOn91 @ youtube.