LoveLetter-Shinhwa (2004)

The show is mainly for a matchmaking between a famous Actresses and 9 other guys.
Later on, at the end of the show, one Perfect Man will be chosen as the one man for the Princesses.
The guys were consist of Shinhwa’s member and 2 comedian Shin Jung Hwan and Cho Myung Hoon with extra appearance of Kim Jong Min (hope i get it right).
The show is host by MC Kang Ho Dong

Shinhwa member: Eric, MinWoo, Andy, HyeSung, JunJin and Dongwan

and each shows will introduce famous beautiful actresses:
Kim Jung Eun
(Lovers in Paris) chose Hyesung

Episode 1

Han Ga In
(Super Rookie, Witch Yoon Hee) chose JunJin ^^

Episode 2

Han Ga In

Kim Min Jung chose Hye Sung (which make Hyesung 2 times Perfect Man)

Episode 3


Ha Ji Won (What happened in Bali, Damo) chose Eric

Episode 4


Han Eun Jung (Full House, Wonderful Life) chose Kim Dong Wan

Episode 5

Han Ji Hye (My Boyfriend is Type B, Summer Scent) chose Lee Min Woo

Episode 6


*(and another girl, cant find her name)
*(the order of the appearance is not in correct order)

The first half of the shows, the Girl will choose 2 guys to spend time with her
while the other guys who have been rejected will be sent to a store room and get punishment.
(which is hillarious)
The second part of the show will be on the Girl choosing the Perfect Man
and later on will be given a pin as a token of the Perfect Man.

I enjoyed the episode of Shinhwa with Han Eun Jung and i personally like her.

Anyway you can find it in Youtube, just search the title and it will show up

Hope you all will enjoy it!! (Recommended)
and also thanks to the Youtubers for subbing and uploading
currently the youtube authorities have been deleting most videos bcoz of licensee
be quick to watch it !!

credit to youtubers above and google for the pics, Han Ga In Photo from