[Updated]Chun Hee & Ye Jin clips in Family Outing – Rain.

[Updated] Those of you who wanted to watch Family Outing – Rain so much, at last i found it.

Here is the video, credit to moonguardiankim


The videos down here is not available anymore due to copyright, sorry for the inconvenient.

But you could check above for the rest of Rain parts.


I just watch Family Outing – Rain as guest. (hillarious)

I know some of you might have watched it.

Here are some clips that i find amusing ^^

Chun Hee and Ye Jin in Pyjamas

The left side pictures are when Rain giving Ye Jin and Hyori, a sleepwear as present.

Ye Jin is so happy, she got a ‘Love’ sign in her sleepwear^^. (i know, i wanted too)

On the right side, this is when they are voting for order of sleeping for men.

Chun Hee and Jong Shin was choosen to be the 5th or the 7th.

Jae Suk was already the 6th.

Luckily, Chun Hee get the 5th position.

Here is the video: (sleepwear at 6:57 & Chun Hee part at 9:15)


Chun Hee at sea with Rain

This is when Rain and Chun Hee were fishing to make their breakfast.

Chun Hee was walking side ways. So funny.

Here is the video (at 5:45)


Happy Chun Hee.

This is when Rain calling Chun Hee “Hyung” because Chun Hee is 3 years older than Rain.

He laughed so naturally. I like Clumsy Chun Hee ^^.

Chun Hee, Rain & the Fish.

This scene is when Chun Hee and Rain and the Fish taking picture together as a proof to the family that they have caught a real Fish.

Here is the video ( ‘Hyung” at 4:58 & Picture at 10:56)


There are so many funny scenes too.

Go check out the rest of the videos.

Thanks and credit to blulovely @ youtube.

credit the pictures to Ashtoh.

and SBS Family Outing.