Memorable scenes in Family Outing – Kim Won Hee.

Yeah!! At last the continuance episode of Family Outing – Kim Won Hee is out.

I have been waiting for ages (hahaha…not that long, i am exaggerating ^^)

There are some memorable moments that i want to share with you guys. Here it is.

Kind Jae Suk

JaeSuk won the 1st sleeping place but as he entered the room, he found that his place had already taken by ChunHee.

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Bizzare Fashion Show on Family Outing – Kim Won Hee.

Family Outing's Extravagance Fashion ShowThese are some scenes on Family Outing – Kim Won Hee on the 12th April 2009 (part 1 of the episode).

Part 2 will air next week on 19th April 2009.

The family members suggested on having a bizarre make-up fashion show on that episode.

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