Kim Hyun Joong’s Dynamic Kin.


Well, check out the Dynamic Kin the making video by Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye.

The kissing scene makes you thristy.

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Our School E.T.

Don’t be deceive by the title. Yes, this is not some sort of  ‘alien’ movie. But this movie tells about a gym teacher who  became an English teacher.

Our School ET poster

Our School ET ( ET stands for English Teacher)

The movie played by Kim Soo Ro(Cheon Seong Geun) as the gym teacher. Lee Han Wi as the principal who once was Soo Ro’s teacher.

Lee Min Ho played Oh Sang Hoon ( Yes, this is the guy who played Joon Pyo).

Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young played Han Song-I ( she was a top student in the class who also helped her gym teacher, Cheon Seong Geun, in learning English).

Baek Seong Hyeon

Baek Seong Hyeon played as Baek Jeong Goo ( he who likes to fight, lead by Gym teacher, became a boxing amateur). He starred in Stairway to Heaven as the small Kwon Sang Woo (fyi).


Cheon Seong Geun is a gym teacher who likes to help his student, indirectly help them in many ways. One day, the parent teacher board ordered to cut off the gym class due to one of the parents’ son had nose bleed after the gym class. Therefore, the principal tried the idea of him being the English Teacher. After many attempts, at last he managed to master english.

In the end, he became the only gym teacher who ever became an English teacher. Thanks to his determination.

Notes: I watched this movie on the way back to Sydney. It was quite exhausted in the plane. But thanks to the movies on board, kept me accompanied.

The movie is able to express the feeling of difficulty in having to gain people’s trust.

Hope you guys enjoy the movie.

credit to Wikipedia, Pictures to Users