Kim Bum – LG Oz Advertisement.

Do you still remember Kim Bum did an advertisement for LG OZ phone. Here are some shots for the new advertisement. The story is about Kim Bum and Lee Yeon Hee’s being husband and wife throughout their life while using the phone.



Kim Bum and His Fellow Celeb Friends.

Wondering who Korean celebs that Kim Bum had met?

Well, i can only found these pictures. If i found anymore, i’ll definitely post it up.

Kim Bum and Park Shin Hye

with Park Shin Hye

Kim Bum & MC Boom "Lee Min Ho"

with MC Boom

Find out more celebs that Kim Bum had met.


Kim So Eun drops Her First Major Movie Role.

Kim So Eun, Yoo Seung Ho and Director Shin Dong Yup.

Kim So Eun drops her role in Fourth Period Murder Mystery which is co-starring child actor, Yoo Seung Ho.

The movie has done filming for about 60-80% and set to release in July. However the filming has to be rescheduled and retake because the director Shin Dong Yup is leaving the production (probably due to lack of funding).


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