WonderGirls and SuperJunior Coupling!

Just a random post that I really need to share it with you guys! Well, it is not exactly about Soeulmates.

Here it goes. I just watched Wonder Girls (WG) and Super Junior (SJ) appearance in Come To Play show airing on the 31st of May.( I now it has been quite awhile). So there is this coupling sections made between the five members of WG and SJ (DongHae, KyuHyun, LeeTeuk, HeeChul and ShinDong).

The couple that I love the most is SunYe DongHae couple and HyeRim and KyuHyun couple. But, I am thrilled by the latter couple. Reason because both of them wore the couple rings they’ve won from the show on a music show.

Need proof? See for yourself ^^ This video sums everything up!

Comments: My biggest hope is to see both of them in We Got Married show. Just like the other three idol couples, Adam couple,  YongSeo couple and Nichkhun Victoria couple  (coming up).

Phrase for the day : Dong Hae – ” If I pick someone, my goal is to make them completely my girl.”

Here is the part where Donghae exposed the ring while performing @ around 1:37! (I can’t  find the exact video of SunYe’s wearing it.

Here are some more videos, if you can’t get enough of them ^^



Kim Bum and His Fellow Celeb Friends.

Wondering who Korean celebs that Kim Bum had met?

Well, i can only found these pictures. If i found anymore, i’ll definitely post it up.

Kim Bum and Park Shin Hye

with Park Shin Hye

Kim Bum & MC Boom "Lee Min Ho"

with MC Boom

Find out more celebs that Kim Bum had met.


‘We Live in Oz’ pictures.

Check out picture of ‘We Live in Oz’ promo. Don’t forget the videos too.

[Indo] Jangan lupa menonton video pembuatan poster Kim Bum!

We Live in Oz

We Live in Oz

We Live in Oz

We Live in OZ

Kim Bum

We Live In Oz

Kim Bum

Kim Bum

Kim Bum

Kim Bummie ^^

Kim Bum

Kim Bum

Our Bummie~~

Bummie is cute as usual ^^

Bummie...enjoying his new LG

Kim Bum

Kim Bum CF version.

credit: grace27bubu

The photoshoot version.

credit: sk8b84hell

credit to blog/neat24/dc/kimbeom/krfilm; posted by nueng_lee at Popcorn2; shared by mkt50@soompi

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