Kim Bum Unforgettable Moment.

Kim Bum

What makes our Bummie smile like in the pictures above?

Curious? Check inside.



Chun Hee & Ye Jin in Family Outing – Yoona.

Lee Chun Hee & Park Ye Jin.

I am not here to publish any scandal or gossip.

I just want to share the moments of Lee Chun Hee  & Park Ye Jin together. ^^

This is scenes from FO – Yoona episode, where they were choosing the girls sleep order.

Chun Hee gets to pick the second winner which is Ye Jin.

Wait, there’s more…

SNSD (2009) & Jo Yeo Jeong (2008) at Bears Baseball Game.


This year on 5th April, SNSD was invited to perform at Doosan Bears vs. Kia Tigers baseball game ( Jamsil Baseball Stadium).

Yuri did the opening pitch, Seo Hyun did the batter, Sunny sang the National Anthem and SNSD performed “Gee”.

Here is the picture of Yuri’s training to pitch.

Yuri Training to Pitch

The actual pitching:

Yuri throwing the ball

There goes the ball.

For the rest of the group performing, click here.


For last year, it was Jo Yeo Jeong who was coupled with Lee Hwi Jae in MBC We Got Married.

I just realized she was on the same game as SNSD too.

Here are some pictures of her in the stadium.

Jo Yeo Jeong pitched while Lee Hwi Jae supporting.

The day before the game, Lee Hwi Jae taught Jo Yeo Jeong how to pitch.

And also taught her to do the hand sign, calling the catcher (i think).

It was a success. She did it. ^^o

The pitching


I missed the time watching We Got Married.


credit the SNSD news to jeen @ allkpop

thanks the pic of  LeeJo couple to kimzx,

thanks the pics of LeeJo couple in WGM show to ashtoh & MBC We Got Married.


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