Episode 2 – ‘The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry’.

Here is the second episode of Kim Bum drama ‘The Woman Who Wants To Get Marry’ with Chinese subbed.

[Indo] Saksikanlah episode kedua drama Kim Bum ini.

Part 1

Part 2

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credit video: ngothuyan, translation to Bumsso blog.


Ep 1 of ‘The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry’ – Kim Bum cut.

Omo…it’s the first encounter between Kim Bum’s character and Park Jin Hee’s character. It started quite like any other Korean romantic drama. First bad encounter that will turn into love in the end! ^^

Here is the 1st episode of the drama – Kim Bum cut.

[Indo] Inilah saat yang sudah ditunggu-tunggu, episode pertama drama Kim Bum di tahun 2010 ini. Peran Kim Bum dan peran Park Jin Hee bertemu dalam keadaan yang sama seperti drama-drama romantik Korea lainnya. Bencana pada pertemuan pertama akan menjadi ‘cinta’ pada akhirnya! ^^

Saksikanlah episode pertama – bagian Kim Bum.

credit: BumCorp

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Anticipating the second episode! [Menantikan tayangan episod ke-2!]

More pictures from the drama. [Foto-foto drama ini.]


Kim Bum At ‘The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry’ Conference (14/1/2010).

It’s a new year and a new drama for Kim Bum. It’s ‘The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry’ broadcast on the 2oth this month.

This conference was held on the 14th January at a prestigious hotel with fellow casts of the drama. Below are shots from the event.

Check it out. More to come (right now, am having bad internet connection :()

He definitely feel hot wearing the scarf. The theme for today is black. Black is suitable for him after all. ^^


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