Kim Bum ‘appeared’ in Nich Khun’s Scandal.

Kim Bum and Nick Khun

Probably, you would wonder why Kim Bum and Nichkhun’s are brought up together in this news.

It was shown in Nichkhun’s Mnet Scandal of episode two. Nickhun dated a girl named Minsun aka his ‘make-believe girlfriend’ in this show. The part showed both of them had dinner with Minsun’s friend and had do a lot of ‘talking’. As the night approached, one of Minsun’s friend who had just arrived, suddenly talked about Minsun’s past, ‘ex-boyfriend topic’ (which is so stupid). You can see on the video, Minsun clearly does not want to talk about it. But her friends started singing the Boys Before Flower’s theme song, Almost Paradise.

So, at this point we can already assumed that it is Kim Joon because he was in the group singing that song, T-Max. To make things worst, one of her girlfriends started saying ‘Miss Ga-Eul‘. We should all know by now who were they talking about. This had totally made both Nickhun  and Minsun became awkward. Moreover, it shows more like Minsun wanting to get the ‘attention’.


[INDO] Apakah kalian merasa aneh? Kenapa Kim Bum kok bisa ada di dalam berita yang berkaitan dengan 2PM Nickhun?

Ini dapat dilihat dalam dua episode dari ‘Mnet Scandal’. Nickhun berkencan dengan seorang wanita bernama Minsun alias ‘pacar tidak resmi’ dalam acara ini. Nama Kim Bum disebut tidan sengaja tepat pada malam dimana mereka bermakan malam dengan teman-temannya Minsun. Salah satu teman wanita Minsun yang terlambat datang tiba-tiba berbicara tentang masa lalu Minsun yaitu tentang mantan pacarnya. Seperti yang di dalam video, Minsun sama sekali tidak mau membicarakan tentang hal itu tetapi teman-temanya terus menerus melanjutin topik ini dan sengaja menyanyikan lagu tema Boys Before Flower ‘Almost Paradise’.

Kita sudah boleh berasumsi bahwa orang yang bersangkutan (mantan pacar Minsun) mungkin adalah Kim Joon, salah satu dari F4 dan juga berasal dari group penyanyi lelaki, T-Max, yang menyanyikan lagu ‘Almost Paradise’ ini. Untuk membuat situasi semakin buruk, salah satu teman wanita Minsun mulai menyebut nama ‘Miss Ga-Eul. Sampai tahap ini kita sudah bisa berkesimpulan bahwa yang dibicarakan adalah Kim Bum dan ini membuat Nickhun dan Minsun semakin kikuk.

Let’s check out the episodes! Mari langsung kita tonton saja.

Episode 1.

Episode 2.

For your information, here is a picture of KimBum and his girlfriend (older picture). Makes me wonder too if the girl in the photo is this Kim Min Sun girl. Or maybe this picture is being photoshopped (i found it on some website, the originality of the photo is unknown)

Kim Bum and his  'Girlfriend'


I don’t want to see these photos because of the fact that i know KimBum has or had a girlfriend before the probability that this girl is Kim Min Sun. (the authenticity of these pictures is unknown therefore don’t get worked out over it).

Plus, MinSun’s friends were totally overboard. They should not have talk about this topic. This is MinSun’s privacy (i supposed so) and both MinSun and Nich Khun could have talk in private. Also, when Nich Khun was about to leave, her two boy friends saying ‘Too Bad…” so insincerely. I don’t know whether this is scripted or not. This is a one lucky girl, ‘taking a bullet killing 2 birds’ (is that how it’s said?)

This is just to much for me after YeJin and ChunHee’s news.

[edit] Luckily now Nickhun is with Victoria of f(x)! I am happy for them!


[INDO] Foto Kim Bum yang diatas ini tidak dapat dipastikan adalah yang asli. Jadi kalian semua, para fans Kim Bum, tidak usah takut! Mungkin ini hanya sebuah foto yang dibuat-buat. 🙂


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