Kim So Eun in ‘Fly Daddy Fly’ (2006).

Kim So Eun in Fly Daddy Fly.

These scenes can be found in the beginning of Fly Daddy Fly movie, which was remake of Japanese’s Fly Daddy Fly (2005)

Kim So Eun (yes, the girl who played Gaeul in Boys Before Flower) played a role in the movie Fly Daddy Fly (2006) which also featured Lee Jun Ki.

The story is about a father (Lee Moon Sik) who wanted revenge to the people harrassing his daughter (Kim So Eun). But, he knows that he can’t do much. He later learned fighting from Ko Sung Suk (Lee Joon Ki played in Iljimae) who is famous for his fighting talent.

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Lee Jun Ki & Kim Ha Neul in Indonesia.

Lee Jun Ki & Kim Ha Neul in Jakarta, Indonesia

I can’t believe that Lee Jun Ki & Kim Ha Neul went to Indonesia ( my home country, breaking news!!! sadly they did not went to Medan.)

Both stars were in Indonesia for tvN cable TV show, World Love Special.

Both stars made friends with local children named Vicky (9), Dimas (7) and Putri (11) [they are the children in the picture.]

The children is currently living with their 70 years old grandmother who worked as a rubbish collector that will then be sell for recycled (what we called in Indonesian as Pemulung).

With 7.5 million won from donation, a classroom computer and basketball goalpost were donated to the school where the children are currently studying.

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lee jun ki

Kim Ha Neul & Lee Jun Kin in the village market.

Kim Ha Neul

lee jun ki


Yes, Indonesia in real life could be seen in this photo.

Thanks and credit to K-popped, Wikipedia.