Kim So Eun Bonjuk Ad for 2010.

If you all still remember, our Soeulmates – Kim Bum and Kim So Eun did a bonjuk (porridge) ad back in 2009. It was when all the attention was onto ‘Boys Before Flower’ and our couple had been the main stars at that time. Then in 2010, Kim So Eun did the ad again which lead to a series of wallpapers I shared to you below. Sadly, it’s without a partner that should have been there. 😦

[Indo] Apakah kalian masih ingat dengan iklan Bonjuk yang dibintangi oleh Kim Bum dan Kim So Eun di tahun 2009? Ya, itulah tahun dimana semua perhatian tertuju kepada drama ‘Boys Before Flower’ dan pasangan ini adalah bintang-bintang yang terkenal waktu itu.  Kemudian di tahun 2010, ternyata Kim So Eun lagi-lagi menjadi pembicara buat produk bubur ini tetapi kali ini tanpa pasangan yang sepatutnya ada. 😦

Anyway, here we go… Mari kita saksikan saja.



More on Bonjuk Winter Edition.

Some more pictures on Soeulmates Bonjuk Ad.

It’s great to see they are close to each other in this picture. I mean it has been quite a while seeing them actually standing side by side.

Makes me wonder. Is it because of the rumors that they are dating, so they stayed a distance from each other?

Some GIF for  you to check out. How cute is Kim So Eun is.

credit: KSE Baidu.

Bonjuk Calender 2010.

Bonjuk Calender for 2010.

Where can i get this calender? Perhaps if i went to the Bonjuk shop itself, i can get it.

Till, now i haven’t collected merchandises of Soeulmates. Feel kind of disappointed 😥

Anyway, check out the pictures below 🙂 .

Bonjuk 2010

Bonjuk 2010

Bonjuk 2010

Bonjuk 2010

credit: baidu and kimsoeun blog.

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