[Drama] Kim So Eun in “Empress Chun Chu” (2009).

Even though we are having a low down on Kim So Eun news but let’s reminisce her past dramas.

These pictures were when she was playing in as young Emperss Chun Chu (ECC older version played by Chae Si Ra)

The story is about a third empress (Chun Cu) who try to claim back their right on a land that is belong to them.

Kim So Eun in Empress Chun Chu.

This epic drama was filmed in early 2009 and at the same time, So Eun is filming Boys Before Flower (BBF).

I remember her saying in an interview, that she had to cope with two different characters at a time. She had to play a tough princess in ECC while playing an innocent teenage girl in BBF.

Poor So Eun. But it was worth it because after these two dramas, her name skyrocketed.

Kim So Eun in Empress Chun Chu.

And now, let’s check her in the behind the scenes of the filming.

For those who wants to watch, click here.