Kim Bum Won New Star Award 2009.

Hi, I’m back! It’s a new year with a new resolution. I wish everyone in good health and all the best!

I know it has been last year news but it is just a few days before. As you all know, Kim Bum won New Star Award for ‘Dream’ at SBS Drama Awards 2009 with other fellow actors including ‘You’re Beautiful’ casts.

I am so amazed with YB drama, totally mesmerizing.

Kim Bum tied a little of his hair on the ceremony, he looked handsome!

Here is a video of it, if you haven’t seen it.

Notes: watch out how playful Geun Suk while handing the awards to Yong Hwa!!!

credit to pshjjang.

Here is Bummie’s speeches and in Morning Show..

credit: meoluvdenmi@YT

This is a little extra for those who loves YB.



76s Kim Bum’s Facial Collections You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

If you are a big fan of Kim Bum, i’m sure you’ll like to see his various facial expressions. Am i right?

These expressions were taken from his recent drama, Dream.

Be sure to check it out. This proved him as a true actor.

Don’t hesitate to watch his drama if you haven’t. 🙂

Kim Bum Face Expressions

Kim Bum Face Expressions

More expressions for you!


Kim Bum as Health Consultant.

Kim Bum, casts and crew

No, not exactly a health consultant. Just that he was concerned of the health of Dream‘s casts and crews.

Here is the news.

On the 9th of August, Kim Bum fainted while filming at Ilsan’s Hosu Gongwon (Lake Park).

His manager said that Kim Bum had been filming non-stop and he had been exposed under the hot sun quite long.

After resting for a while, Kim Bum continued filming as usual.


Then on the 13th of August, Kim Bum gathered the casts and crew and treat them Sam Gye Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) while filming in Cheon An. Saying that he will take care of Dream team’s health.

Kim Bum took the  initiative to thank the casts and crews who had filming vigorously in the Malbok [one of the three hottest Summer days in Korea after Chobok (beginning) and Jungbok (middle)].

Kim Bum hoped that everyone in their good health and will continuously worked hard for to viewers to see the other side of  him.


Kim Bum Hwaiting~~~

We  know you did your best.

Take care.

source: Nonewscut, Newsen and Bumsso.

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