[Drama] ‘Secret Angel’ Episode 4 – English Subtitle.

The forth episode with English subtitle is here. Enjoy!

Episode 4.

Extra video of the behind the scenes.

Kim So Eun and her fellow Chinese actor, Chen Xiang, were taking polaroid pictures and in turn commenting about each other faces. They are so funny, even though they have language barrier but a little English helps them to communicate.

[So Eun dan aktor Chinesenya, Chen Xiang, sedang berfoto-foto di selang – selang break syuting. Mereka lucu sekali. Walaupun masing-masing tidak fasih dalam bahasa asing tapi melalui broken English, mereka tetap bisa berkomunikasi.]

Let’s check it out. [Mari saksikan.]

So funny when they called each other ‘Ahjumma’ and ‘Ajusshi’. [Lucu sekali sewaktu mereka memanggil masing-masing ‘Ahjumma’ (tante) dan ‘Ajusshi’ (oom).]

credit as tagged, Secret Angel subbing team@viki, yunn524@youtube and ashtoh.


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