Kim So Eun in MBC drama ‘The Greatest Love’ (2011).

Hello~ Annyeong~ How are you all lately? Guess what I found. Yesterday, when I was watching this drama, The Greatest Love – which is very good, I mean REALLY GOOD – I found myself smiling and laughing all the way from 1st episode to the current episode I’m watching.

And especially in the second episode (if any of you have watched the drama, you would have known and noticed), our Kim So Eun made a special appearance. I mean she literally made an appearance in the drama. It was exactly shown in the last part. It was when Yoon Pil Joo (played by Yoon Kye Sang) was looking through a list of female candidates for the show, Couple Making, that he was in. Kim So Eun appeared on the first list, here’s a proof.

[Indonesian] Halo, apa kabar? Ada sesuatu yang ingin sekali aku berbagi bersama. Aku menemukan Kim So Eun di dalam drama yang aku tonton kemarin malam, The Greatest Love – sangatlah BAGUS. Kim So Eun keluar diakhir episode kedua dimana dia menjadi kontestan untuk  acara, Couple Making/ Mencari Pasangan. Dibawah adalah bukti foto adegan tersebut. Aku sangat yakin itu adalah Kim So Eun karena aku pernah mengpost foto tersebut di blog aku ini. Coba dilihat.

Before this scene, I have already noticed Kim So Eun pictures before somewhere before and turns out it was her. Just an interesting finding that I want to share with you. You can check that the photo used in the drama is the one that I have posted before here.

Ah..did So Eun knows about her picture being used in this drama?

By the way, I recommend this drama 100%! It is a worth watching drama. If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you definitely won’t want to miss out. It’s ridiculously funny and crazy. I love Cha Seung Won‘s acting so much. He is the male lead. And I definitely support him.You guys can watch it here at Or read the recaps here.

[Indonesian] Apakah Kim So Eun tahu fotonya dipakai didalam drama ini? Aku sangatlah merekomendasikan kepada semua, yang gila jatuh cinta pada drama-drama Korea, untuk menonton filem ini. Jikalau anda ingin menontonnya, silakan mengklik halaman ini. Silakan menikmati!~

Thanks to Hong sisters again for their creative imagination and writings. If you are not familiar with the Hong sisters, they were in charge of writing popular drama such as Delightful Chun Hyang, My Girl, Hong Gil Dong, and of course the famous You’re Beautiful, My Girl Friend is a Gumiho and this year, The Greatest Love. Check out their interview.

credit: MBC The Greatest Love, Dramacrazy, Dramawiki , Dramabeans and Ashtoh.


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  1. RiriAngels
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 07:39:09

    Wow Great
    Kim So Eun xD


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