Kim So Eun Won KBS Female Newcomer Award 2009.

This is Daebak!!!

Kim Bum won the SBS New Star award , So Eun won KBS Female Newcomer award on the same day!

Eunnie won the awards for ‘Boys Before Flower’, ‘Empress Chun Chu’ and ‘The Man Who Can’t Get Married!’

Even though they were not on the same place at the same time, but they won awards on the day before new year. This year was the best year for both of them winning awards. This is the first time for Eunnie, hwaiting!

And also the year where we get to know Soeulmates! 😀

Congratulations to both of them. She looked dazzling in her little red dress. She owned the stage!

Let’s stop the talking and i’ll let you see for yourself.

Many thanks to identifyalexy.

Notes: Go Eunnie~~ we will always supports you!!

How can someone cried so beautifully. If you noticed in the video, the whole scene capturing her giving speech, she looked like an angel.

Her face is dazzling and sparkling like pearl so pretty!!! haha…


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