Lee Chun Hee in Strong Heart (15/12/09)

Lee Chun Hee’s fans out there, how are you guys doing? Have you watched Strong Heart episode he was in?

His story was a tough and touching one. I can feel what he felt back then too. It was about a ‘DaeSang’ award that he thought he could won in 2008.

I’ll let him tell you his story himself. By the way, don’t miss out his clumsy old self while telling his stories.

Chun Hee Hwaiting! Start at 4:09

For the rest of the show, watch here.

Thanks to thesixangels.

Extra news. Here are some videos of his with Park Ye Jin.

Winning the Netizen Popular Awards in 2008 for Family Outing.

Notes: Feel good that he won an awards back then.

And the two of them attending a ceremony where they were being rewarded. Check out his clumsiness in here too.

He is such a natural 🙂 It started at 1:30

Notes: He was just started looking handsomely but was stop by his natural ability ^^

Thanks to leechunheetv for both videos.

By the way, for those Ye Jin’s fans that doesn’t know (like me), she had a movie in 2009 about fortune telling. I think it’s funny and will be waiting for it.

Here are the trailer and screening video.

credit: kmbd00 and maclamkhue.


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