Kim Bum at Bisang Screenings.

Kim Bum attended the screening of his movie ‘Bisang’ with other casts including Kim Byul.

There were two screenings on the day,27th of November.

Kim Bum looked amazing instead of looking tired.

Unfortunately, the movie has been delayed to premiere on the 10th of December instead of the actual date which is on the 3rd of December (no reasoned given) and the movie is rated only for people above 19 is allow to watch the movie.

I guess it’s right due to the violence and action packs in the movie. Will show the behind the scenes in the next post.

In the interview, Kim Bum said that he wanted to pursue his career as action star and break free from ‘So Yi Jung’ character in BBF. That is why he tried actions drama and movie such as ‘Dream’ as a boxer and ‘Bisang’ as a guy who protect his lover. He wanted to show the new side of him and leaving ‘Yi Jung’ role in the past.

The impression he gave as Yi Jung is so deep that we liked him to stay as he is, me myself too. We should give him a chance. But he can rest assured cause we will always support him!

Check out both screenings below.

From first screening.

It that the rumored ‘ring’ that Soeulmates wore? I am not sure myself, he could wear any rings he wanted though. Anyway, gonna check it thoroughly myself.

This is the second screening of the day. Personally, i like him in this suit better than the first one. Just my opinion.

Why did i get the feel that he purposely brighten his eyes? He must be exhausted. >.<

credit: as tagged and bumsso blog.


Hopefully, there would be a lot of stars attended the screening and also hopefully to find So Eun was one of them.

Haha..just a wishful thinking.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. syira
    Dec 11, 2009 @ 09:58:33

    luv kimbum!


  2. imuyachan
    Nov 28, 2009 @ 07:38:51

    he is def superb tired earie..just see his schedule…nonstop gitu >.< thx 4 sharing ^^


    • ashtoh
      Dec 04, 2009 @ 04:41:53

      iya, akhir2 ini si Kim Bum yg asyik promotion, si so eun nga banyak kegiatannya.
      missing them so badly haha.
      thanks for coming dear~ ❤
      have a nice day!

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