Kim Bum Messages Direct From London.


Yaiy, at last seeing more of Bummies pictures in London. Wait, he was writing something and i predict it was for his fans and i’m sure for someone special too.

Check it out!



Read his special messages in here.


Everyone, you are doing good right?

Me: I’m doing good, will be having my last papers this Friday. Wish me luck Bummie! 🙂


I’m in England now.

Me: Of course we know where you are Bummie, we are always looking out for you haha 😀


Because I am in England, i miss Korea a lot.

Me: Yeah, dun worry Bummie, we know you are missing somebody too :)) LOL


I love Korea! ♥

Me: Yeah and i ♥ you too. We will send regards to the ‘someone special’ too. (OMG i’m a bit off today!!!)


Me: If this being auctioned, i’ll definitely gonna buy it. LOL joking 😛



Me: Strolling down the street, wishing somebody was walking side by side with him.

I’m sure you know who is it!

credit: It Travel and translation to bumsso blog.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dita
    Nov 12, 2009 @ 14:55:52

    Kim bum you’re my best idol…!!
    and a like your style…


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