Young Kim So Eun Various CFs.

Kim So Eun CFs.

Kim So Eun had just filmed a CF recently and now i’m presenting her old CFs.

Here are some CFs Kim So Eun endorsed when she was young.

She had a short hair back then. Never knew she suits that hairstyle too. 🙂


Kim So Eun for Del Monte CF (15’s).

credit:  insomniaticIS@youtube &

For Cookie CF (30’s) in 2005.

credit: qanh93.

For Hyundai CF.

credit: qanh93 and baidu.

In Hyundai CF, So Eun appeared start from 0:45 – 1:03 , 1:09 – 1:33, 2:11 – 2:29, 5:48 – 6:13.

Thanks heaps to lollipop95 and insomniaticIS at for sharing the videos. Join up for Kim So Eun fans.

Comments from ashtoh:

I never knew So Eun had so much charm from young.

She is already a queen CF before she was in BBF.

Hope to see more of her CFs soon.

Hwaiting Eunnie!


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