BonJuk Wallpaper – September & October 2009.

Here are the Bonjuk Wallpaper for September and October 2009.


September BonJuk Walllpaper

September BonJuk Walllpaper


October BonJuk Walllpaper

October BonJuk Walllpaper

source: bonfamily and

Comment from ashtoh:

Well, i have to honestly say that, i prefer Kim Bum in this picture (probably taken way back after BBF).

He looked more healthy and cute. ^^ Don’t you think so?

Have u seen Kim Bum in Phillippines photos?

He looked skinny by the shape on his face and tired at the same time.

I hope he takes care of his health and happiness.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. (^_^)n_n
    Nov 07, 2009 @ 09:34:55

    really both of them r so cute


  2. imuyachan
    Oct 09, 2009 @ 07:56:56

    so cute..both of taking their wallies 😀


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