Lee Chun Hee Made His Come Back.

Lee Chun Hee and Lee Min Jung

At last we have the latest news of our beloved Chunderella aka Lee Chun Hee.

After leaving Family Outing, we have not heard a single news of him nor any activities that he did.

Yippie so here is the news.

He just recently being casted along Miss Lee Min Jung (playing Goo Jun Pyo’s fiancee in Boys Before Flower) as a son of a wealthy family in Smile, You.

Chun Hee will play as Lee Min Jung’s immature older brother who just got back from studying overseas and wished to marry his foreign girlfriend which is totally opposed by his family.

Smile, You is a story about a wealthy family who become penniless and had to stay with their long serving chauffeur.

Hopefully the production team will find a good match for Chun Hee’s role in the drama.

Will be waiting for further news on this.

credit: jeen@allkpop.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. phinn
    Aug 12, 2009 @ 17:25:07

    this is very good news.. its about time to set the records straight.. most people thought that he was FORCED to leave family outing because of a drug scandal.. i believe that leaving family outing was his management’s decision to protect him especially since the network he worked for not only failed to do so but actually caused him the undue humiliation to start with.. the network that offers family outing was the same network that released chun hee ssi’s picture implicating him in the drug scandal.. i, for one, found that action to be very irresponsible as a drug scandal can end any celebrity’s career.. unless proven otherwise, the network should not have released those photos..


    • ashtoh
      Aug 15, 2009 @ 02:54:35

      @ phinn: yes, so agree with u phinn…
      Anyway, forget about the issue, focus on his new project…
      cant wait for his new drama, it’s been a while since i saw him in FO
      currently watching back those FO’s episodes =)

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