Kim Bum – Interview in Dream Conference.

Kim Bum in Dream Press Conference

Check out the interview video of Kim Bum in Dream Press Conference.

credit : moonyuri332000

Here is the translation of the interview (thanks to Bumsso!)

Q: What role are you playing?

A: Hello I am Kim Bum, acting as Lee Jang Seok in the drama “Dream”. My character Lee Jang Seok is someone who ends up in a youth outh correctional facility when he takes the blame for his father and as a result, develops a complex about his father. To protect himself, he works hard at putting on a tough/strong facade, but in reality he is a very lonely person.

Q: How did F4 respond to your transformation?

A: Not long ago I met with F4 and Geum Jan Di for my birthday. I didn’t notice it, but they said that I seem to have become colder since ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I guess its somewhat good that I’m that immersed in my character, but to hear that I’ve become cold feels a little strange.

Here is the video where you can look at Kim Bum’s growing biceps. (^^)

credit: korewind

Dream Conference in Japan – Part 1/5

(the highlight would be on part 3 of this video.)

Part 3/5

credit: K1

source: Bumsoo.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JoVi&KiM
    Jul 28, 2009 @ 22:53:05

    Aww… However he is so cute!
    Ahh..I wish I could meet him in live or go on a date or something!

    Kim Bum ❤


  2. davinci486
    Jul 26, 2009 @ 05:56:04

    Aw. He had become colder? *That’s a little bad news, right?*

    He met F4 & Geum Jan Di for his birthday? But NO Chu Ga Eul? Why? T_T Plus, with Jung Il Woo they played video games & stuffs. ^^

    I love the 1st picture! He’s so cute! And will be cute forever even if he shadow it off with his “new image”



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