YeJin and ChunHee said ‘Goodbye’.

Family Outing aired in 28th of June.

The inevitable last episode of YeJin and ChunHee in Family Outing has arrived.

This episode is aired on the 28th of June.

As for the previous episode, the family already had a teary moment together.

Today they get even more teary.

Summary of the episode:

The night before, ChunHee and YeJin get no exemption from doing the night chores due to their last day with the family.

The next morning, ChunHee and YeJin get to do the morning chores, making breakfast for the family.

YeJin, did her last chores by chopping the chicken, and ChunHee preparing the last delicious chicken breakfast for the family.

The others were getting the favourite foods of the two, JongKook & DaeSung headed for the famous Hoengseong beef for YeJin and JaeSuk & HyoRi headed to get strawberries and squid for ChunHee.

YeJin and ChunHee farewell.

When the preparation has done, the family settled in their position for breakfast.

At that moment, ChunHee had started tearing and followed by HyoRi, YeJin, JongKook and even national MC, Yoo Jae Suk.

YeJin and ChunHee's farewell.

After breakfast, YeJin and ChunHee were saying goodbye to the staffs and giving hugs.

The family accompanied YeJin and ChunHee till they reached their vehicles and sending them off.

The two cried as they wished the family goodbye and left the family.

As for the appearance of the new members, check out for Park Shi Yeon here.


I cried when i read this article.

Just by looking at these pictures, i can feel the sadness both YeJin and ChunHee had.

Even though they are just doing this for entertainment but they have created bonds with the family.

Best wishes to YeJin and ChunHee in their careers.

Hope to see them again in the show.

credit to coolsmurf@allkpop.


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  1. yao
    Jul 09, 2011 @ 05:51:13

    Another historical drama not to be miss. Thank you.


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