The Reason of Park Si Yeon and Park Hae Jin Joining FO.

I got a comment from user ‘hallyuism‘ asking why is Park Si Yeon joining Family Outing.

Park Si Yeon and Park Hae Jin

Here are their response.

Park Hae Jin

For Park Hae Jin, he was represented by his agency’s representative, Ha Jae Hwan (HJH) saying:

 “We want to show viewers a different side of Park Hae Jin. He is very much different from his drama roles and has an outgoing personality. That is why we decided on Hae Jin taking on variety.”

Park Hae Jin is considered to be pretty young (born in 1983) among present actors but most people associate him with someone who is much older than he looks because of his drama roles. His company hopes that by having Hae Jin taking on variety and showing his boyish charm, it can help change the perception of the general public.

HJH continued, “Most importantly, Park Hae Jin loves cooking and has an unexpected charm about him that most people are unaware about. We hope that more people will get to know the real Park Hae Jin through Family Outing.”

Ha Jae Hwan also has utmost confidence that Park Hae Jin will do well, “The production team only decided on Park Hae Jin after meeting him and were very pleased with what they have seen. He should be able to show his very best since SBS already has a good team in place.”

Park Si Yeon

As for Park Si Yeon, she didn’t quite explain her reasons but was cautious about her new project;

 “I am still pretty apprehensive towards variety shows now. I also feel very burdened because of the high popularity levels that the family members have. But after confirming my participation, I have gone through a lot of scenarios about my role in the family. I might not be able to to provide lots of entertainment to the viewers, but I will do my best in showing my natural and normal self during the recordings.”

 “If I get nervous or unexpected situations happen, I will slip into my Busan dialect to show everyone my friendly and natural charisma. I will also try my very best to integrate myself into the family and build up good relationships with the existing family members bit by bit.” 

They will start recording their episodes with the family in mid-June and broadcasted at 5th of July.

Stay tune for their appearance.


Well, based on their response, variety show is something new to them.

Park Hae Jin did appeared in Family Outing in epidose 5 and i think he enjoyed it.

For those of you, who haven’t seen his episode, here you are:

It’s his response of the show.

by ramensoupsubs

Furthermore, they are able to show the other side of their personalities beside their roles in dramas.

Will be waiting for their episodes, to see their daily life appearances.

credit to  ramensoupsubs @yt & coolsmurf @allkpop



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  2. ashtoh
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 01:49:10

    @jess: the episode is out ^^
    gonna find it and watch it
    thanks ^^


  3. jess
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 21:52:01

    I was so sad when I watched ChunHee and YeJin’s last episode. I don’t know about these two new kids.


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  5. hallyuism
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 06:34:44

    hei.. thx for even spending ur time to answer my Q 🙂 thx a bunch for this 😉


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