YeJin and ChunHee’s Last Episode with the Family.


YeJin and ChunHee in a CF

At last the day is here.

2nd of June is they day where Park Ye Jin and Lee Chun Hee were filming their last episode together with the family.

YeJin and ChunHee in Family Outing

by swtsrwlove

After 2 days of filming, YeJin and ChunHee will continue their acting path and will not be seeing the other family member for almost one year.

DaeSung and Kim Jong Kook was supposed to do their activities on that day but they managed to be there for the last episode of their two leaving members.

DaeSung and KookJong

by swtsrwlove

DaeSung had a recording on 1st of June with fellow Big Bang’s member in Japan. But he chose to spent the day recording with the family members.

JongKook was also in Japan for his weekend concerts. However, he was able to get to the recording by taking the earliest flight back.

A quote from the PD on YeJin and ChunHee departure:

“All the family members have developed a deep bond with each other after almost a year on Family Outing and the last recording was done with much regrets as no one wanted this to end. Ye Jin and Chun Hee really gave it their all in their last recording. They tried to keep their emotions in check but eventually Ye Jin and Chun Hee teared at the end. The other family members also shedded tears upon seeing this.” 

Memorable scenes they had together created by FO’ fans:

"Are you two dating?" banner

by swtsrwlove

Family Outing Poster

by CrownJewel

Family Memories

by stepfanie sugia

Family Outing in Epi 43 'The Bizarre Fasion Show'

by stepfanie sugia

Family Outing Cartoon

[from left: ChunHee, SooRo, HyoRi, JaeSuk, JongShin, YeJin, DaeSung and JongKook]

credit to whoever own this (i believe it is Flabtastic or members in FamilyOutingSite)

Check out for more pictures or banners in here and here.


All the best to YeJin and ChunHee, hopefully i can see them again in FO.

credit pictures to members in family outing sites.

credit news to coolsmurf@ allkpop


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jt
    Aug 04, 2009 @ 18:38:03

    wish they could come back and join back the family…
    is just not the same without them…
    miss them


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