Kim So Eun in SidusHQ’s Interview.

Kim So Eun

It’s our Kim So Eun again with her recent news.

Recently, she had an interview with SidusHQ (online magazine) for May issue.

Here are the overview of her interview:

Kim So Eun will celebrate her coming-of-age on the 18th of May which is known for the adult ceremony day every year in Korea.

She said she will become and adult soon and will bear greater reponsibilities.

She also added that she felt nervous as she will gradually be independent from her parents.

When asked about the present she would like to get for her birthday, she replied that she wanted a camera as she likes taking pictures and her dream of being adult is backpacking to Egypt or Greece for her interest in ancient vestiges.

Lastly, she congratulated everyone who will be adult soon and wished they enjoyed the one and only celebration in their life.

More pictures of her:

Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun



Kim So Eun

Kim So Eun


Aw…she looked beautiful in these pictures. ^^

Congratulation to Kim So Eun for being an adult soon.

Actually, she is 1 year younger than me and she is already a celebrity.

We are both Virgorian too. ^^

But i can’t say much, we have different life line. 

All the best to her! Will always support her!


credit news to coolsmurf@allkpop.


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