ChunHee’s Shortest 1st Place Moment of his Life in Family Outing – Jang Hyuk.

ChunHee's Gifts and 1st Place.

I was watching Family Outing – Jang Hyuk and just knew that ChunHee got his 1st sleeping order moment lasted only a few hours.

Yaiy! Just so happy for him. Although it was only awhile but happy for him to get second place.

It was so heartwarming for him to give the family members something they could use in the winter.

(I also want that pair of winter shoes too ^^)

Here check out the part for yourselves.

This episode is also the last episode they have in 2008.

They shown some parts of the filming that is memorable throughout 2008 with the comments from every guests in the show.

And also the ‘blossoming’ love of YeJin and ChunHee couple ^^.

YeJin and ChunHee couple

Check it out from 3.23 onwards.


thanks and credit to ramensoupsubs@youtube.


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